Frequently Asked Questions ( Faqs )

How to create an account?

How to create an account~~  will fill in once website is operational

How to place an order?

Depends on new website~~  will fill in once website is operational

Minimum order value is £200 (Net)

Minimum order quantities per item as published.

Minimum order quantities

Each Item has a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Items can be ordered in any number over the MOQ

Bulk prices

Each Item can be ordered at a 10% discount if ordered in a quantity over its bulk quantity (BLK) and the order total is over £500 before the discount is applied

Carriage paid

If your original order is over carriage paid we will deliver what we have in stock as soon as possible. Any items not in stock will be added to your back-order.

Backorder deliveries do not occur carriage charges if the original order was over carriage paid

Loose carton delivery ~~ £500 (Net) carriage paid

Orders which total less than £500 will be subject to a carriage charge @ £10 for 1st 20Kg then 25p per Kg to 100kg. These tariffs do not apply to Highlands or Export

If an item is large or breakable i.e. glass, we prefer to palletise. Please see details below.

Pallet delivery ~~ £650 (Net) carriage paid

This does not apply to Highlands, Islands or Export. Orders which total less than carriage paid will be charged a proportion of the carriage charged by our courier:

We always book in pallet deliveries but will only book in carton deliveries if requested. Contact Us.

If you would like a quote for delivery or have a further question about our terms and conditions please contact us here: Contact Us

You are always welcome to visit our showroom in Suffolk. You will benefit from a 5% discount if you can pay and take away your order. We are more flexible with minimum orders per item when you collect. Visit our popular special offers showroom where you can pick up a bargain. (5% disc does not apply).

Please book before visiting

For directions please see : Contact us

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We retain copyright for all images featured on our website and expressly forbid the use of these images without prior permission.We respectfully request that our products are not advertised on eBay or any other auction website. Any breach of the aforementioned could result in the termination of your account.

We are always keen to develop new designs with our customers. It can be a lengthy procedure and order quantities are higher but it is worth the effort to obtain exclusive designs. Pricing on request.

Bulk Prices only apply if the TOTAL ORDER NET is greater than £500.

Larger contract and full container prices on request.

The first order should be pro-forma, credit and debit cards are preferred.  We will only charge your card for precisely the goods that are sent, the day they are sent. We can also take cheques, BACS and cash.

For subsequent orders if you wish you can apply for a trade account, for this we need only:

Proprietors name and home address / LANDLINE telephone and VAT number or,

Partners names and home addresses / LANDLINE telephone and VAT number or,

Limited companies: we also need company registration number, company registered address.

We factor all trade account invoices with RBS Invoice Finance. Please fill in a Credit Account Application form.

Undelivered items will remain on your back order until available. You can add to a back order at any time. Back orders are usually cancelled in the New Year unless by prior arrangement.


Originals is a family business, we supply a comprehensive range of furniture and home accessories. We strive to continually introduce new lines to complement the collection – “Always practical never humdrum!”


The image on the website is of a sample of the product, small variations may occur across a batch or from batch to batch. The image should be used for indication purposes only and as an indication of quality and design.


Originals International Ltd. is a member of The Giftware Association and our designs are protected by Copywatch. We regularly enter our designs into Gift of the Year.

 This information serves as reference only, not Terms and Conditions

 All prices are net of VAT.

 Thank you for reading this information.